Sunday, August 30, 2009

click click

On a humorous note, for those of you who are insane and enjoy following this blog regularly (again, I urge seeing a psychologist immediately), I recommend looking at the adds in blue as they change everyday. The day after I wrote the poem Over Me (which had a stanza about fermented wheat and oats—alluding to alcohol) all the ads were about wheat germ and gluten free products! And after writing about my overdrawn account yesterday, all the ads today were for checks and cashier checks! I wonder if everyone else misses the point of my blibbering blogs as much as the ad service. It kinda cracks me up. I have no idea what it will say tomorrow, maybe suicide hotline or something! BTW, you haven’t been clicking on the ads. I can tell. I earn twenty-eight cents for each click. Thus far, I’ve earned a whopping total of twenty-eight cents—and that’s because I was curious and clicked on it once! I love how my miserably pathetic current existence can be wrapped up into random, slightly off-topic consumable products!

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