Monday, August 31, 2009

Ghost Life

Day one of OutDoor Lab is drawing to a close. Only one of my kids has gone off and screamed how much they hate me and shrieked and cried because I told him to eat his mac and cheese. Fun stuff. My sinus infection is quite enjoyable as well. I love how everyone of the teachers has called home to check in with someone they loved, someone at home waiting to hear from them. I called Chad, he said he missed me like crazy and can’t wait for me to be back home in his arms. Oh, no. I guess that didn’t really happen, did it? Yep, being in the mountains has brought out the pleasant, cheerful side of me.

However, the facility is unbelievable. The teachers are staying in this ‘mountain mansion’ built in 1907. The ghost stories they have told us about the house are awesome. Actually, it all has me very inspired to write. I already have a story in mind in this setting. This place has really got my creative juices flowing. Halfway through the day I decided I was going to stay up for awhile and write. Now that there are only a few more minutes until ten, and I can barely keep my eyes open due to the infection and exhaustion, writing is not going to happen. I would love to come back here and just stay in this place and write for a couple weeks. I’ve never really wanted to write a ghost story before, but I love the idea that is coming to me. I hope it keeps going.

I was shocked to find that we actually do get some internet service (although no phone service—I am so used to my cell that I forgot to even think about bringing a watch, so I am timeless at the moment). Despite having internet, I have decided to not check email, facebook, connexion… nothing. I need a break from the constant reminders. This week is just me. Being sick. Being a teacher. Being away from everyone I love. Away from those who love me and those that no longer do. I needed a break, and while this isn’t the one I would have chosen, it is the one I got, so it will work.

So, I am off to bed in the ghost-ridden house. It says a lot about the life I have been living lately that a house full of ghosts (yes I am just as much of a fraidycat as ever) is more appealing than where I have been lately. Maybe because I constantly live a life in a ghost world. Filled with what was, what used to be alive and vibrant.

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