Friday, August 28, 2009

Over Me

Old smoke stained walls
Dim sultry lights
Dark streaked wooden floors
Will they comfort you when you are hurting

White snow blowing
Everything turning in blurry forgotten haze
Momentary freedom and excitement
Will it desire you when you are old

Life blood of corn fermented
Oats and wheat aged to alteration
Daily numbing and forced forgetting
Will those show you how exceptional you are

Freedom to stay up till the sun
Liberty to shut your eyes until the moon
Autonomy to follow your crowd
Will it lead to fulfilled contentment

Acceptance of the chosen family
Acquiescence to their constant demands
Individuality found through the expectations of the pack
Will they let you be who you are

Independence from the needs of the one who chose you
Each day open to endless possibilities that are all the same
Quest to find yourself by dulling who you are
Will those arms hold you when your beauty dies

World of choices unfettered
Flash of lights and thump of drums
Man of who you are until you are not
Will it love you endlessly for the man you are meant to be

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