Monday, February 08, 2010

Bachelor Degree

While watching the Bachelor with my folks (and Gavin) tonight, I noticed several things, (plus I was in the mood to do a list):

  • Jake is so gorgeous that it hurts, and he makes me want to never eat again
  • A lot of depressed people watch the Bachelor, there are more advertisements for anti-depression medication during this show than any other show on television
  • There is a huge difference in how people respond to women getting their heart broken than men—even by me, which is disturbing to a very core level.
  • White trash boys can be hottttt! White trash girls. . . not so much.
  • Parents can make a potential mate suddenly unattractive
  • I’m comfortable enough in my sexuality (finally) to not turn away from the TV when my parents are in the room when Jake’s in the shower
  • Our hearts and fate are always in the hands, whimsy, fears, and choices of another, and there is nothing we can do to alter that—a lesson I have already learned way too well, but bares repeating nonetheless
  • I can kiss better than all the girls on the Bachelor. J

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