Sunday, February 14, 2010

le jour de l'amour

Just finishing up Valentine’s Day on the couch with the puppies. Always a good way to end the day. I think today would have been a lot harder if I hadn’t written him (and visa-versa) earlier in the week. As it was, I had a pretty perfect day. (Even ended with a pretty great phone call from the boy I was/am going on dates with!) I spent nearly the entire day with my gorgeous girl, MD. We had such a great time. So much laughter, so much sharing. (Although, I have to point this out—I decided I was going to get he flowers, which I normally don’t do. I hate cute flowers, such a waste of money and life. I went to a florist. The cheapest thing they had was TWO roses in a nasty glass vase for FORTY bucks!!!!! I laughed and left—she got a cinnamon vanilla candle (yum) and a chocolate rose (which her dog ate! LOL) We saw Valentine’s Day instead of Dear John, which was a great call. I loved it! So good. Plus, she bought me one of the most perfect shirts I’ve ever owned (from Guess). I couldn’t believe she did it. She convinced me to try it on (it was $90), even though I told her there was no way I could ever buy it. You have to see this shirt—it screams my name, really. I came back out from trying it on, and she handed me the receipt and told me she had bought it for me. It bowled me over. I really am so surrounded by people who constantly show love for me. I am so blessed in that way. Not just in that she bought me a shirt, but that she chose to spend her Valentine’s Day with me. While I easily could have focused on the love I no longer have, by wrapping myself in the love that has continued to choose to walk by my side, I couldn’t have asked for much more.

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