Monday, February 01, 2010


I know this isn’t kosher to say when you are dating someone else (even when that dating hasn’t been defined), but since when am I kosher: I have missed him so much today. Not sure why, not sure what triggered it, nothing. I simply know I miss him. Each moment that I knew he was leaving me and afraid to admit it haunts me, but I’m so glad I shoved them aside and chose to enjoy every moment I had with him—even if he wouldn’t stay. I don’t’ believe that there is only one person for everyone. I’d like to believe that—it’s more romantic, but I really think there are several or even many people that a person can spend their life with. However, he was the one I chose to spend my life with. Within a couple months, it will be a year since he left, and while I don’t cry and weep and mourn every minute like I used to, while I am learning to live again, there isn’t a moment I don’t ache for him or feel unbalanced without him.

On a happy note, as I sit on my couch typing, Dunkyn’s head is peering around the left side of my computer, and Dolan’s is craning around the right. They really could not be cuter or more a gift of salvation if they tried.

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