Sunday, February 07, 2010


I did something tonight I haven’t done since college. No, not pot. I didn’t do pot then either. I went to a movie by myself. It’s not all that uncommon for me to take myself on a date to a restaurant, but it was a little strange to go to a movie alone. Especially a chick flick. There is no way to buy a solitary movie ticket for a romantic comedy without looking like a complete fag. That would bother me a lot more if I weren’t a fag. Plus, I just realized, I did this on Super Bowl day! Perfection! I really do love me at times! I must say though, When In Rome is one of the worst movies ever made. I knew it would be bad, but I thought it would be enjoyable bad. Not so much, just bad, bad, bad. Even made Josh Duhamel less hot, which is a pretty huge achievement—didn’t think it was possible. However, I greatly enjoyed myself. I have been so depressed the past couple days, for some reason, maybe it was the popcorn or the huge coke, but just sitting there as the previews started to play, I was able to breathe and relax for a moment. I knew everything would disappear for a couple hours, at least mostly, and I could be safe in the dark, surrounded by strangers, a fantasy played out before my eyes. I LOVE going to the movies. I must say, if whoever wrote this can get a job writing, I’d sure as fuck better get published at some point. I know I’m not the best writer in the world, but I am a hell of a lot better than that trash! Wow! In all honestly, it’s probably a good thing that it was so horrible. I also want to see Dear John, but I knew that would be good, and I knew I’d be in tears, and more of an emotional basket case coming out than I had been going in. This way, I was able to laugh and go, ‘Wow, that was bad! I think I go get an extravagant dessert from Whole Foods, go home and eat dinner, watch HGTV while I dine, and then write for awhile.’ Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Like movies, I was far away from my own life for a bit, lost in world of demons and vampires. It’s probably strange that that kind of thing relaxes me. After all, there’s nothing more scary than the stuff that makes up the daily happenings of real life.

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