Saturday, February 13, 2010


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Hadn’t you heard? Huh, you really should keep up on these types of things. I’ve been dreading Valentine’s Day soooo much. I’m sure you’re surprised. I thought I’d at least have a date with the boy I’d been seeing—not sure if I can say I’ve been seeing since he’s so busy—but no. So, I am spending the day with my one of my best girlfriends, MD. And, actually, I’m pretty excited about it. We always have such a great time together, and we both give each other free therapy, so it will be pretty perfect. We’re going to see Dear John tomorrow night—what Valentine’s Day is completely without tears? I’m glad I have someone so wonderful to spend VD with.

I did get a bottle of wine for the boy I’d/I’ve been seeing. His project ends late tomorrow night (Yay!!! We will see were we go from here), so I thought it would be good to give him something to celebrate (he loves wine). I also got him a Valentine’s card. I wasn’t sure what was appropriate to say in a Valentine’s card when you’re still in love with the man you planned on marrying but are having feelings for someone you are kinda dating, so, I got one in Spanish. That way neither of us knows what it says—can’t go wrong! I have to admit, I think that’s pretty fucking cute.

I’ve had a pretty good day writing—it’s going slow, but I got some new inspiration on one of the new sections that I think can take me quite a ways.

I am hoping for a dreamless sleep this evening (on clean sheets! Yay!!!!). Last night, I dreamed that Chad came back to me. It was really a wonderful dream and very real—except he had horrible long hair for part of it—not sure what that meant. However, it was one of those where I woke up at least four times, and realized I was dreaming, which was not fun. I’d go back to sleep and tell myself to dream something else (sans Chad) and, sure enough, it was the same dream theme—just twisted a bit. Lasted all night. Kinda just pissed me off, honestly, and made me in a really weird mood all day. I’m hoping to dream of nothing or a young Paul Newman tonight. Or an old one for that matter, at least I don’t have real feelings for him—plus, I really don’t care for his dressings.

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