Tuesday, March 29, 2011

all in a day's work

Yesterday was quite a day (challenging and long [couldn’t sleep till five due to ear pain] and successful, sorta).
I noticed that the floor of my laundry room/storage room was wet. In pure Brandon fashion, I decided that it was too much to deal with on top of everything else and decided it would dry up on its own. (We also found out that someone has stolen my brother’s SS number and has filed for his taxes and such this year.) I went and watched tv. I went back downstairs, found the source. A tube from the top of the water heater that connected to the water source of the house had sprung a leak and was spraying onto my drywall, which was soaking it up like it was cookie dough malt. Having found the leak, even with water shut off valve, I couldn’t get the water to stop. I tied a rag around it and called the number on the machine. Applewood Plumbing. (Please take note: Applewood Plumbing. You spell that A.P.P.L.E.W.O.O.D.) The lady told me that they would send some one out, and asked if I’d like them to come out that day or the next. Let’s see… water is going over my basement. Let’s do the next day. I’ll go watch more TV. The guy showed up about and hour and a half later, at the early part of the waiting segment they told me, so that was nice. He was kinda hot. Also nice. I took him to the water heater. He stepped to the water heater and then looked at me. Then back to the water heater. Back to me. “Well, I’ll quote you a price on a new water heater.” I felt my tonsils grow back. It took me too long to respond, I thought he wasn’t serious. He hadn’t even touched the damn thing. He was still three feet away from it. “Seriously? It’s spraying from that tube up there? Can’t we look at that?” He looks back at the water heater. “Oh, yeah. You’re right. I’ll get you a quote on that.” He shows me where the water valve of my house is, and turns it off for me. Nice. No more water spraying. Again, nice. We go up stairs. He looks through he big quote book. Bigger than the Bible. “To replace just that pipe will be fourfifty.” Wow, $4.50. That was cheaper than I expected. “Wait, Four Hundred and Fifty?” “Yeah.” “Oh… just for a tube?” “Well, I’d use copper tubing and solder it in.” “What if we just replace the tube thing with another one?” “I don’t have those in the van.” I asked the lady if this guy would come with everything he’d need… “What if I just replaced that tube myself?” “You might be able to get them at Home Depot, but we wouldn’t guarantee it.” “I think I’ll try that.” “Ok, sign the waiver that you got my quote and are refusing service.”
After returning from Home Depot, with my sixteen-dollar-and-something-cents tube thing, I attached it to where I yanked the other tube off. Onto the water valve. It was inside the wall and I couldn’t see it. I don’t stick my hand into dark spaces unless I know there is something male on the other side. If there’s something in the garbage disposal that won’t grind up, it stays there, because I know that my hand can be ground up. I got my camera, stuck it in the hole and began snapping pictures, knocking my lens cap into the abyss. Finally, I got a picture of the valve. I reached in and turned the water back on. To this point, the house has yet to flood and I was able to shower this morning. So… it’s looking successful. I must say, I was/am really proud of that. The old me would have not argued about the price, much less said no to the guy—not wanting to be rude and never assuming that I could figure it out on my own. Small achievements.
Whether brought on by the manliness of the day or my ears screaming in pain until five in the morning, around three I jumped out of bed went to the computer. I emailed HWMNBN and asked him to meet me for five minutes today, that I had favor. (To discuss what I’ve mentioned in here before, about that I’m going to start going places again, and want to see him on my own terms first, etc.) I felt such a sense of peace after, and excitement to get it over with. Time to stop living in fear. A few minutes later I got a message saying he is out of the office till Friday. Perfect. So now, I wait. Again. Either way, this ends by the time Spring Break is over. I’m ready to get it done.
It seems that they are now concerned about my description of the zombie flesh on the right side of my throat. They want me to come in tomorrow morning for an inspection. Wish they would have just listened to me yesterday.
I hate having to face these challenges that force me to take action on such emotional matters (heart and money), but by having a spine, I save myself four-hundred dollars—hopefully by having a spine with HWMNBN, I can begin to live again. Maybe even close the door on him.
On a happy note, as I sat here in my favorite seat at my coffee shop (it’s been waiting for me for the past two days!), a cute guy paying at the counter waived my book advertisement in my direction. “Is this you?” I nod yes. He proceeds to tell me that’s he’s really excited about the fantasy one and that he had already decided to order. He asked enough questions that I could tell he’s actually read the descriptor. Made my day!


Cheeseburgers and Pajamas said...

Hey Brandon, You don't need to post this.... I was a victim of Id theft several years ago. Your brother is fortunate that his ID theft was not like mine. Someone got my ss# and DOB, opened checking account and wrote hot checks in several states for thousands of dollars. He got a driver's license with my info and his pic (he was over 6ft tall and over 200 lbs!). Anyway, I found this out on my birthday when the FBI came to arrest me! Although the id did not match me, I had to prove it was not me and I did not know the person who stole my info. Crazy!!! I was afraid to leave the house for about 6 months. Althought it was cleard up, I was never allowed to know what happened to the criminal!

As for your other adventures, it sure sounds like your life is in a dynamic phase. There is a lot that is being presented to you and you seem to be handling is best you can. You can take pride in how you react to it all.

I hope all goes well with the dr visit. Count your blessings (that is what my grandma always said :)).

Avenjer said...

Who's a big strong man? You are. And Yay! Book sales! :)