Monday, March 14, 2011

poor, poor, pitiful me

At the moment, for all intensive purposes, I am sans computer. Made it a very difficult weekend. Okay, difficult is probably not the word. I wasn’t in an earthquake or tsunami or in a hostage situation. I know. . . poor, poor me.
I almost had to blog on paper!!!!!
I don’t know if I could even do that anymore. In addition, I’d also planned to have the entire Sunday to contact more agents. No progress on the books. Although, maybe not sending any queries and not getting any rejections is progress…
The evidence of how addicted I am to other aspects of my computer (iTunes, facebook, blogs) was cripplingly evident. And, I’d left my Suzanne Collins’ book at school, so I couldn’t even read! Again, poor, poor me.
Can’t tell you the relief of having a key board under my fingers again. Hopefully, the computer situation will be resolved this week. Goodness, please!

Only eight more days until my surgery. It seems everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a tonsillectomy story they feel the need to share—each one worse than the next. How they had never been in so much pain, how they didn’t recover for over two months, how I won’t be able to do anything at all for weeks. They’re not trying to talk me out of it (most say that it really helped them not get sick as much), they just wanna tell me their horror stories. What is that? Besides mean and cruel. I honestly have been looking forward to it so much that I haven’t been nervous at all. I’ve wanted my tonsils out for so long (even though there is no guarantee it will help). However, after all these nonstop stories, I must admit there have been a couple nights where I truly have struggled with falling asleep, almost convincing myself to cancel the surgery (I’m not going to, obviously). Maybe it’s the misery loves company condition of our psyches. Maybe people are just assholes. Maybe, after I have it, I’ll learn they actually were telling the me good parts of it—Lord, I hope not. Either way, it sounds like I have a Spring Break to be jealous of! (yep—ending the blog on a preposition—publish that!)

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don't worry, B, i will bring you all the dairy queen you want!!!