Tuesday, March 22, 2011

slice and dice

Well, one day down. I am so glad to have the surgery done. So, so glad to have it over. They said tomorrow or the next day will be the worst, but today has been great, I’m starting to get a little more sore now, but not too bad. As soon as we left the hospital, we went to Sonic, where I got my double cheeseburger. However, they left off the mayo and added mustard. Dummies. I asked the surgeon when I could eat real food and she said she’d like me to as soon as possible, as along as it isn’t hard or pokey (hee, hee). I may not be quite as successful tomorrow, but so far, I’m pleased. You should see inside my throat, though. Holy crap, it is a butcher market. They said that they typically don’t use stitches, but they couldn’t get me to stop bleeding, so I have tons of stitches. One of them is rubbing on my tongue and driving me crazy. I always bleed like a river—tattoos, shaving, paper cuts. When they put in the IV, blood went everywhere—completely over my hand over the chair they had me in, all over the floor. Between the stitches, the white scabs that have already formed, the swelling, and serrated flesh, isn’t not very sexy in my mouth right now. Add to that the horrible smell they tell me will be coming from my breath for the next two weeks and you’ve got yourself one hot Romeo.
Thanks for your thoughts and care; I received many messages and calls today. That means a lot.

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