Thursday, March 24, 2011

day three

My parents have moved in with me since Tuesday. I think they might return home tonight. I typically hate being taken care of, but I must admit, it has very nice this time. I don’t think I could have managed staying at home as much as I have if they weren’t there. My brother has come down the past two nights too. My folks just dropped me off at the coffee shop for a couple hours while they go home to shower and such. It feels really good to be out and about. However, I’d been saying that the pain medicine wasn’t affecting me, but I can tell it is. I feel like everyone else is moving ten million miles a minute compared to me. That, and I sound fully retarded when I try to talk to people when they ask me a question. Of course, that is probably due more the cut up throat than the meds. Today is supposed to be the ‘most painful’ day, so they say. I am so very thankful for how well I am doing. Due to all the horror stories, I really was getting scared. However, by grace of God or my inability to sit still and not eat what I want, I am doing better than what anyone thought I would, so Yay!!!! However, even this has taken me forever to write, so I’m going to take it easy and just listen to music, work on some pictures on the computer and simply enjoy being at the coffee shop and out of my house!

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