Thursday, March 31, 2011

the true definition of rambling

Feeling a bit better today. However, the zombie flesh is getting worse, not better. Not really believing that it will heal like they say. Gonna give it a couple weeks, then raising some ruckus.
I had a great conversation for a few hours at my coffee shop with a new friend (hi, new friend, I know you’re reading this) [for the rest of you, don’t be getting’ any ideas—most coffee house time is either books/blog/agents/photo time—so… back off, love ya!] discussing life, religion, my whorish ways, my disbelief in the God I knew while clinging to God at large with all I have, and boyfriends and other stupid things. It was very nice. I love God talks, when you’re not talking to a prick (who either shoves god down your throat or can’t comprehend His existence—both are stupid). Speaking of… I keep having to block people on facebook for posting pictures of HWMNBN with themselves and him on their profile picture (I know he’s great, but does everyone have to think he’s their best friend?), but I’ve also had to block a several people who keep posting Bible verse after Bible verse or keep saying shit like, ‘This is the day God has made…rejoice.” Once in awhile, it’s refreshing that you’re reveling in your relationship with God, otherwise, it a little vomitous. You’re not only annoying me, I’m pretty sure God keeps having to throw up in his mouth a little bit when he looks at all his tags on his facebook page. Show him some consideration. (Actually, just discovered that Jesus really does have a facebook page (maybe it was Jesus Christ, or God or something)—It’s pretty funny and horrible at the same time. It seems when someone uses his name in their posts it automatically [for some] becomes a live link and also posts on Jesus’s page. Let’s just say, not every post with his name is talking nice about him… lots of it is written with Oh My F…ing …. It didn’t seem that people even knew their posts were going there. Very strange. And, rather, not good.
A large part of my day was with Gavin’s other side of the family. I did a little photo shoot so that they can be part of his second installment of his yearly photo book. {Let’s just say, I took some pictures that were not good—people did not seem to know how to be subjects of photography, and Gavin was having none if it—I worked with the end results until they are rather unbelievable, pretty artistic and rather beautiful. I fucking rock!} Without getting into detail, it was surreal and a little trippy to see more of his other life. Nothing back or anything like that was happening—not at all. Just kinda like when you’re gay friends, church friends, hippy/stoner [no, I don’t that—wow! Something I don’t do] friends all show up at the same party and your brain blows a fuse until they all leave so that your world perception can go back to normal.

And if you perchance you think I’m rambling incessantly because I’m a nervous wreck and nauseous about the potential plans tomorrow and trying not to think about it, you’re completely right. Why’d you have to be a complete jackass and bring it up? Thanks a lot. Bitch!

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Cheeseburgers and Pajamas said...

You are correct... That is some major rambling :)