Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here are (apparently) my rules to becoming as gorgeous as you possibly can be:
1. Start driving to the gym
2. Realize that you have your iPod, but not your earphones
3. Stop at Target, buy cheap earphones
4. Resume drive to the gym
5. Enter gym, with gym bag, iPod, and earphones, getting the membership card out and putting it in pocket
6. Walk to the check-in turn stile
7. Forget which pocket holds the membership card
8. Find card in last pocket searched
9. Go to locker room
10. Find locker
11. Get naked
12. Put on gym clothes
13. Discover you one have one tennis shoe
14. Consider wearing your dress shoes
15. Fuck it
16. Throw it all in the locker
17. Go sit in the hot tub
18. Go home
19. Eat a quesadilla
20. Eat a cupcake
21. Sit on couch, watch Glee and Chopped

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