Monday, March 01, 2010

Because everything in the world is all about me

I was watching the bachelor finale with my folks. A rather shocking ending. What is even more shocking, is that I am actually okay with it (originally, I said if that he picked the one he picked, I would quit watching the show).

As he stood there, telling the ‘good girl’ goodbye, going on and on about how perfect she is, how she’s everything he ever wanted, how they fit so perfect together, but then telling her that something was missing and that he didn’t feel like he could be himself, I truly began to feel nauseous. It was painful listening to him, even more painful realizing some of the truth he had said.

I’ve heard those words, heard them through the tears he cried as he said them. I will/may never understand them, or at least agree with them, but I don’t want him to feel trapped. If being with me makes him feel trapped and smothered, it is good he is free to breathe without me—regardless that it makes it harder for me to breathe.

I really wish they had a gay bachelor show and that I could be the bachelor. Boy, I’d really have to get in shape for that one. Too bad that dad made my favorite fried chicken tonight…

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