Friday, March 26, 2010

watch out, anderson

I took a sick day from work today and just woke up about thirty minutes ago. It helped tremendously. I didn’t scream when my feet touched the floor and I didn’t have to use the railings to get down the stairs. I decided to come to the coffee shop and blog for a few minutes before going to the hot tub, walking the dogs (first time in over a week—poor puppies), and then returning to the moving farm. I’m so glad that I took it off. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to even help my folks the next three or so days, but I think I can make it now. I’m not sure why my body decided to shut down, but I hope it can keep trucking for a bit longer. The copious amounts of Advil probably aren’t hurting either.

I made another starling discovery yesterday. Gray hair. A ton of gray hair. I’ve had a gray hair for a bit, but only a few and it blended in perfectly with the blond of my old-‘red’ hair. Now, there is gray everywhere I look, especially in the sideburns. And, I swear it wasn’t there a few days ago. I had just gotten a hair cut a week or so ago, and it would have shown itself then. I haven’t really been dreading gray hair. I plan on rocking it. I think a gray Mohawk will definitely be in order. The only thing I am sad about is that I really wanted a few years of looking younger with the person I would marry—before being all gray. Guess that ain’t gonna happen. I know it sounds strange, but I loved watching Chad get grayer. (I know I’ve been using his name again, when I said I wouldn’t. I’m torn on it actually. On one hand, it feels disrespectful to him, but I don’t mean it that way. I love seeing his name, even when it hurts. However, it was so painful and to write him over and over. He gave me the best years of my life, I don’t think he would withhold his name from me, plus he was always my biggest supporter of my getting published and of my writing.) One, I thought the gray was unbelievable sexy. Two, it was a marker of some of our time together (maybe I was the cause of his gray—who knows). I was looking forward to my gray haired husband. Of course, he said he was going to dye it. I begged him not to—I loved it. Anyway, whatever the cause—it appears old man city is soon to be my own permanent residence.

As I need to hurry so that I can fit in everything I need to before moving, that is all for today. Plus, why keep going if I can end on a rather up note for once? I’m not really sure which part of that was an up note, but I going to say it was there—somewhere.

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