Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I’m not a big one to boycott things. Most of the time I think it is rather stupid and pointless, unless you manage to get the whole world to boycott with you. Plus it simply reminds me of all the things the Baptists were boycotting when I was in high school. It seemed like every other day they were calling on all Baptists to boycott things like Disney, jeans, and oxygen. I was so glad I wasn’t a Baptist! How could I ever boycott something that gave me The Little Mermaid? There are things I boycott in my life: AT&T and Best Buy. But those are simply because of how royally they have intentionally screwed me over and I told both of them I would never support them again, and I won’t. I don’t expect my boycott to do them any harm, but it would be like returning to an abusive lover if I continued to do business with them.
Yesterday, I got an email asking me to join the boycott against Amazon. Most of the time, I wouldn’t even look at it, but my longest relationship (other than Sonic) has been with Amazon. I love Amazon.
It seems that Amazon has pulled its online ads from all the blogger sites and such from Colorado, due to Colorado asking Amazon to pay the state tax that every other online business does. From what I understand, Amazon’s reaction to this didn’t hurt Colorado at all, just the higher profile bloggers who depend on their link to create revenue. (Luckily, I am not a high profile blogger who depends on ad revenue [insert bitter voice].)
I was actually torn about this issue. I am rather mad at Colorado myself at the moment for its stupid handling of the Frontier Airlines and demanding stupid taxes from them that caused them to pull their head quarters from our state, costing us lots of jobs. (Good move, Colorado jackasses!) However, this tax appears to be fair and warranted, and Amazon is playing its God card at the expense of people that didn’t cause this to happen.
Here’s where the dilemma comes in. I almost signed the petition to let Amazon know I would not do business with them until they pull their heads out of their ass. Then I realized what that meant. I could no longer shop from Amazon when I actually have the money to shop from Amazon. I could not longer write reviews.
I’m not sure I can do that.
Even at the cost of other innocent people’s welfare.
It’s sick.
It’s wrong.
I know.
I love Amazon. It’s brought me much happiness and escape from the horrible moments in my life. I feel like I’m in bed with Hitler and keep going back for more cause he’s well endowed, despite the bad skin and horrible mustache—and the whole killing people issue.
I just hope Amazon can remedy their situation before am guilted into siding against them or before I slip into bed with the enemy and betray my other statesmen.
Such drama in my little world. (Who says we can’t use tiny, petty things to distract from what really hurts in life.)

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