Sunday, March 07, 2010

picture perfect

For those of you who know me personally, you know that (tied with my dogs) my photos are the most important thing in my home. More than ever, the older I become, the more I love them. In many ways, they are the only proof I have that something truly happened. My memories and perceptions of things have proven faulty. Photos aren’t. Of course, it is way to easy to look at photo and remember what you thought was going on and realize what was happening in someone’s head was completely different. All the photo books of Chad and I have been packed away for months for just such a reason, however, I love that they are there, proving that I’m not as crazy as I sometimes feel and that I actually did live that life for awhile, as impossible as it seems now.

I used to scrap book all the time, and got pretty fantastic at it. However the amount of money and time (and the durability) was ridiculous. Then I switched to Mac. I have finally learned how to make rather fantastic hardbound photo books that are rather outstanding. I have decided that I am not only going to do one album a year documenting my life, but one documenting Gavin’s life as well. To be presented to him on his birthday each year. I’m sure it won’t be a gift he loves for a long time, but I think at some point, he will really like having them. Instead of photo books that age and brown and are scattered everywhere, he will have these sleekly beautiful books that show glimpses of his life and the love that surrounds him.

About a year ago, I started using Aperture, a photo editing software. It’s not able to create completely different things than what you photographed (at least I have discovered how) like some programs, but it allows you to edit, enhance, and perfect what you do photograph. In my latest version, it now allows you to fix skin blemishes perfectly. I just went through and adjusted all the skin that belongs to myself and my brother for Gavin’s book.

I have found the one draw back to Gavin’s annual present. When he reaches the teen years, he is going to feel very insecure when he looks back at his uncle and father’s perfect skin.

It’s so hard being pretty.

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