Sunday, October 10, 2010

, and ground buffalo

I just had a pretty perfect Sunday, or at least as near as I know how to get—which is saying quite a bit since Sunday was my favorite day with HWMNBN. I tend to go out of my way to not be alone on Sundays, and I considered it today as well. However, I couldn’t remember when I just had a day to be (even with giving a massage today—a friend who is gorgeous and kind and easy to talk to—so not bad as massages go), so I took it. It helped with the luxurious rainy, cool, yet still sun-shiny day. Edited at the coffee shop for awhile, came home and grilled a burger, watched some shows, spent lots of really quality time with the dogs, and will soon read more of the new Kelley Armstrong novel, or at least as much as I can before my head starts nodding off.
Now that I’ve decided to put up the tree after the Seattle return, I want to put it up now. One because of the cozy day, two because I’m afraid something will happen to change my mind.
I spend so much time trying, yet failing, to not focus on the hurt, that I am simply going to make a list of all that I am thankful for at this moment (intentionally leaving out things I am grateful for in the past—only things that are real and current).
The list is as follows, in non-order:
Cheese, dad’s homemade sweet pickles, fresh Roma tomatoes (it was a really good burger), Gavin (pulling open the drawers constantly to an insanity educing degree as well as sleeping cuddled up on my chest), long daily talks with my mom and dad, my friends/chosen family, my house that is finally beginning to feel reminiscent of home once more, a Seattle weekend, finally going dancing (hopefully skinny(ish) and slutty dancing), fire belly toads, sixth graders moving from second grade level to a little above third in reading, dad’s fried chicken tomorrow (not helping with previously mentioned slutty dancing), spell check, candles, having the nerve to sortta ask a boy out today (even if he didn’t respond), new Christmas decorations on my kitchen coutner waiting to be used, cereal.

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