Friday, October 15, 2010

good friday

My favorite thing about a day off work? No kids? Not preparing for math class? No Para yapping my ear off every second for seven hours a day? Not having to do massage after getting of my real job? Nope! Sleeping in. (That and getting to work on the books, and work out, of course.) I remember hating sleeping. While I still hate naps and going to bed, I love not getting up at six. I slept until ten this morning. While I hate missing so much of the morning, I love feeling rested. Beautiful. Increases my sanity. Not to a full level, sadly, but it such as hell helps! Three whole days of sleeping-in, doing some massages, working out, writing, and seeing what trouble I can get into. Beautiful times three.
Oh and a long, long walk with the dogs!
Look at that—a positive post!


Geoffwah said...

What is it you dislike about napping and bedtime? I love a good catnap near a sunny window during the weekends or on vacation at the beach. Although admittedly, if you sleep too long then you wake up feeling like you've been shot out of a cannon...

Brandon said...

Naps always get me depressed. If the sun is out, I want to be up and moving around. :)