Friday, October 22, 2010

just put 'in bed' at the end of all hymn titles.....

Tonight, I am going to a Southern Gospel concert. Yep, just me, a few hundred/thousand (?) people, and the Gaithers. Honestly, I have never liked the Gaithers. Their music (although talented) always gets on my nerves—with the exception of Michael English. Of course, I would like the one who cheated on his wife, got his mistress pregnant, lost the child, got divorced, and had to leave the Christian music arena for awhile. At the time, I was still all high and mighty and knew everything, so I quite listening to his music. He obviously wasn’t really a Christian and was just in it for the fame, money, and whores—what choice did I have? I was in awe of his voice and he was hot as hell, so my righteous ostracization was a huge sacrifice for me… Fifteen years later, I’m rather impressed with the Gaithers that they took him back into the fold. Of course, he repented of his sin. I want to marry mine.
Now, if it was the Happy Goodman Family, that would be another story, I’d be all over it. Except they are all dead. Actually its kinda strange that I liked them so much considering my prejudice against obese Christians who cast stones—as they were each at least three hundred pounds on a light day. However, I love their music.
Half of you have no idea who I’m even talking about, and the other half knows all too well.
I’m not dreading it, as it is a venue that I am overly familiar with. It will be my little brother who probably will be more miserable than I am. My dad is thrilled and so excited to go, so that makes it a lot of fun. My folks are also bringing a couple that has become very, very good friends with them. They aren’t religious, and are pretty ‘worldy’ (said the pot), so I’m not sure how taking them into the nest of southern conservatives is gonna play out, but it should be fun.
I hope they have a roasted nut stand! That sounds really great!

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Brandon said...

Turns out, it was over four hours (seriously) of some of the best musicians I have ever heard. Unreal. Awesome!