Sunday, October 03, 2010


Getting ready to start another week. Just finished a long, long walk with the dogs. Gorgeous Fall weather. Didn’t take the iPod, thought it would be good to just be. Stupid idea since I just finished an hour and a half massage that made my mind go nuts. Too much time to think. And I wonder why I constantly keep myself busy. Ugh. However, while on the walk, I realized that Halloween happens to land on payday, which is over the weekend, so yay! Perfect!!! Looks like Seattle is more than likely gonna be a reality.
Part of me thinks I should go somewhere new. I’ve always, always wanted to see Boston in the Fall, and it’s gonna play a part in the fantasy series, so it would be nice to know what I’m talking about. New York. Sigh, I’m dying to return to New York City. However, you can’t do NYC on a low/no budget. Or at least I can’t. I don’t wanna go to NYC unless I can see at least, AT LEAST, two shows. Portland. One of the few cities in America that has full male strippers. Full. Trashy, yes. Sinful, probably. Cliché and passé, most definitely. So, what. However, for some reason, Seattle holds some aspect of peace for me, of safety and comfort. In a way that San Diego used to. I hope I can love SD again. However, we had serious plans to move there at some point. He was all for it. I can’t really see that city the way I used to. I miss it, but it’s not my city anymore. Seattle, however, feels like it. I can already taste that homemade cheese, those roasted pecans, Wild Ginger’s Noodle Bowl. Yeah. Gonna go to Seattle. Which means, I need to loose some weight. I know I won’t be anywhere near where I was when I was the satyr four or five years ago—wish I’d held onto that gorgeous body, but still, I need to trim down. If you’re gonna go to another city for Halloween, you need to be able to do it dressed somewhat slutty. Or a wholelotta, depending on how much weight I can actually shed. Still, a goal never hurts. What hurts is that Pumpkin Cookie Dough Blizzards are right around the corner!


Avenjer said...

Seattle for you this year. But next year, you come visit me in DC. We'll hang out and do the museums and monuments by day and gay bars and male strip club by night. And eat lots of food in between. Lol.

Brandon said...

Don't tempt me. Always wanted to see DC too!