Thursday, October 07, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like

I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and make reservations for Seattle in the next couple days—when I have spare minute. Which may mean I will make reservations after I get back! I also made another decision, brought on by knowing that I will start Christmas shopping in Seattle. I’ve always put the tree up the day after Halloween. Except for last year. Halloween was painful and I simply couldn’t face living with a tree in the house when I felt so miserable. I think I will put the tree up the day I get back from Seattle. I’ll have presents to wrap, my bff gave me a new mermaid tree decoration that is sitting on my desk at home, and I need to live again. I’m nervous about putting it up. Nervous about what it will bring up within me and that it will highlight what is no more (the older I get, the more Christmas does that)—however, he’s with me all the time anyway, Christmas tree or not, I swear his ghost flooded the house last night, his absence screaming at me, his form and voice invading my dreams. Ass. You left me, leave me the fuck alone, quit haunting me. Wow, sorry didn’t mean to go there. Back on track—Hallmark also has five new Disney decorations I want—a new Little Mermaid (of course), and some from their new movies that aren’t documented on my tree yet.
So, three more weeks of work. Two days in Seattle—two days of comforting oblivion. Then Christmas tree. Man with a plan…

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Geoffwah said...

I distinctly remember wrestling with enormous boxes of Little Mermaid ornaments when I was working at the Disney Store. They looped the same SheDaisy version of "Deck the Halls" non-stop for two months. Even so, you know it was worth it for the discount ;)

Gosh, by the time Christmas rolls around I won't have had a tree for three years in a row! (They're kinda spendy out here). It's been a long time. I love the feeling of coming home and that satisfying click when you turn on the twinkle lights. It's just so homey.

Will you take pictures once you get it set up?

And yeah, the ghost of Christmas jerk should leave you the eff alone. :)