Saturday, October 16, 2010

the Progressive Cherry

My brother and I took Gavin to Cherry Creek Mall last night to play on their new kids’ playground. It’s pretty amazing. It’s a Looney Tunes theme. Very fun. The sheer number of children was off-putting. My brother kept trying to sit, like most of the other parents, on the benches surrounding the area—letting the kids simply play. I couldn’t handle it. All the bigger kids running like retarded chickens, either nearly or actually knocking Gavin down. We ended up standing guard over him as he played. He is sooooo cute! I’m so in love. We are used to people thinking we are a couple. He’s much better looking than me, but I’m not complete mud on a stick. Both of us muscly {muscley—how to spell made up words}, him much more than me, both of us in tight shirts. Typically, it takes one of us telling people that we’re bothers before they say, ‘Oh, I guess I can see that now.’ It was obvious by the way people were looking at us that on this evening, we would be playing the gay couple out with their newly adopted son. I could almost hear them asking themselves, ‘Wait a minute… shouldn’t the baby be Asain?’ Finally, this adorable little blond, probably three years old, came up to my brother and Gavin and pointed to me. “Are you both his daddies?” He simply told her, “No, just me.” She smiled and bounded back to her parents, her curls bouncing, pointing over to us, giving her report to them. Someday, she will be a fantastic spy, but right now, she hasn’t quite mastered not giving away her handlers. The mom had the grace to flush as she caught our gaze, knowing her not-so-subtle inquiry had been discovered.
It was interesting. To some degree, most people looked at us like they were seeing characters out of Modern Family live and in-person. Others, while they did a fairly good job, barely managed to conceal their true feelings of us. At least no one grabbed their children and ushered them away from the contagiousness of gaydom. There was a definite air of uncomfortableness, and it wasn’t from me—as I didn’t even think of it until I picked up from those around us. To me, it is obvious that we are brothers—I always forget…
Hopefully, a taste of what is to come one day.

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