Thursday, August 12, 2010

the end

My final day of summer.
Now that it’s all said and done, I’m okay with it. It’s either time to go back to school or give me several more weeks. I can’t sit still and do nothing. It’s time to start a new writing project, but there is no time, so might as well go back to work.
While we are on the subject of writing, I just submitted a small 420 word essay to EnCompass Magazine. I don’t think it’s really what they are looking for (it was like when I give a writing prompt to my students and have no idea where they were going when they give my their final product), but still. It pays a whole sixty bucks! My friend I had read it last night thought I had to pay them sixty. I would if it would help. You know, anything to see my name in print. Well, as long as it’s in reference to things I’m writing, not things I’m doing…
I’ve also decided to resubmit the original book to another publisher. I’m still not confident in it’s marketability, but I want to try once more. This is prompted by the friend who is reading the fantasy book saying he like the other one more. That doesn’t bode well, considering the publisher didn’t like the first one. However, my friend doesn’t read fantasy, so who knows. I’m in this strange place where I have equal parts of discouragement with my writing and hopeful naivety.
On another note, I was talking to MD this morning and she mentioned she saw the pictures of my BBQ last weekend on facebook. She said it looked rather awkward. She was even able to point out who was nervous and such just through the pictures. She’s rather intuitive, that girl. She made me laugh. Awkward. That’s an understatement for a BBQ where the host is wanting to bash a beer bottle into a guest’s face or simply go hide in his car, and where so many people didn’t know each other that they sat in terror. I often feel like I have Monica Geller’s curse with throwing parties. Ugh. (If you understand that reference, it is no wonder I love you. If you don’t, I think our relationship is in question…)
Now, on my last day, I think I will go home, give a massage (working on my last free day…), walk the dogs, and paint. Oh, and eat. Lots of eating!

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