Monday, August 16, 2010

Pay, Love, Eat

I felt very grown up today. Not in the old, my life is done, kind of way as of late. I gutted my classroom. Things I either was too nervous to do the first two years I was there (how could I throw the old teacher’s stuff away—pretty easily as it turns out) or too depressed to do last year. I needed it clean, fresh, and mine. Felt pretty good. After, I did battle with the bank over $300 of charges, and won—for once. Also, confronted my student loan people, and then did battle with Credit Card debt. I don’t think there’s an outcome that qualifies for a win on that one. Either way, even though the money stuff was stressful, it always feels good to deal with life head on and not ignore because I’m scared.
I’ve done a pretty good job not obsessing about the romantic confusion over the weekend—good for me at any rate. Of course, I have ungrounded hope that he might reconsider, but I’m doing my best to smash that. Can’t say how grateful I am for him minding me how much I actually love him. You know, loving one man who runs away at a time just isn’t enough!
On a side note, I just finished a pecan, apple chicken salad from Wendy’s. Oh My Ghandi! So, so good. Go get one. Then get a Cookie Jar Blizzard with extra cookie dough from Dairy Queen. Life’s hard. Eat Happy. That’s right folks, food is love. The kind of love that will never leave you. Ever.

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