Saturday, August 14, 2010


Julia only made me cry a little last night. Thankfully. Since we didn’t start the too-long movie until 10:30, I was dying by the time it was half over. I ended up loving the previews of upcoming movies more than the one we came for. Still love her, though.
It was so fun having yesterday be my Monday and my Friday. Makes this weekend sweeter. Every workweek should be like that—go to work, see everyone, rearrange and decorate my classroom, go home. Perfect workday.
This weekend is all about celebrating my bff’s bf’s bday. I’m a little nervous about the kickball extravaganza tomorrow. One, I’m worried my ex-bf (hate that) will be there—if so, I’ll leave. Two, kickball—sports. Ugh. Can’t we just decorate cupcakes or something together? Maybe have a Little Mermaid sing-a-long or something?
The woman wrote me back from the magazine that I submitted the article. She thanked me for my submission and let me know that they will keep it on file for one year to see if it would work in one of their issues. We’ll see. It’s not that big of deal, but it would be fun. Not that I couldn’t really use sixty bucks right now.
Speaking of sixty bucks, I need ideas. I have a prize box in my classroom. I fill it with crap (not really, but pretty much). Really cheap, stupid crap. The kids love it. Love it. I end up spending between three to six hundred a year on that thing. I simply can’t afford it this year. Not that I could before. Anyway, I’m thinking of filling it with coupons and such (like a grab bag). You know, with things like five minute of computer time or take five problems off your homework, that kind of things. I’m really having a creative drought at the moment, so any inspiration would be greatly appreciated. My kids will appreciate it too—I’m hoping I can come up with idea that will make with where they don’t miss the physical prizes but might even enjoy this more.

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