Wednesday, August 18, 2010

special ed

Tonight is one of those nights when I’m not going to write about how I’m feeling. No reason too. Nothing new to say. Nothing insightful.
However, I did wanna share two things:
One.) I decided to begin posting the other novel on Refiner, the book blog. I’m not as confident in this book, and am not sure if there is even an audience for it. I’m also not really sure what the point of posting it on the blog is. I have gotten feedback from two people on the blog, which I appreciate. Even with the lack of response, however, people are still reading it every day, which is strange… This book, The Shattered Door, is very important to me as it is based from where I grew up and people I love have shadows in the characters—which I think weakened my ability to write freely, but whatever. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated on this endeavor as well.
Two.) Funny/Stupid story. We all have these moments. Even me. Or at least moments that are close to this, kinda. The special education team had a stupid district meeting today. One of my co-workers kept texting me because she couldn’t find her way. Even though I texted her the address and verbally gave her directions. Here’s the text path:
The first of the series arrived thirty-seven minutes into the meeting.
1:37 Co-worker: I’m so lost
1:44 Me: I’m sorry. (What did she want me to say? Stop the meeting and have every search for her?)
1:45 Co-worker: I’m here but you aren’t. (There were two meeting rooms. One dealing with our department, one not. Each room small enough to see everyone in it. And, there were three other people from our school that she knew in the room with me. You know, the room where I’d been for nearly an hour.)
1:46 Me: LOL. Yes. I am. (That LOL was a lie. I wasn’t laughing. I was ready to strangle. . . someone. Really? You’re gonna be so late and then tell me that you’re in the right place and I’m not?
1:46 Co-worker: Do u see me?
(Yes, the three other people you know and I all hid under the tables. We can see you, but you can see us.)
1:47 Me: She just said she was here but that she couldn’t see me……. (I was responding to another co-worker in the room who had texted to ask where this woman was. I accidentally sent this response back to the woman who was lost. Opps…)
1:48 Co-worker: Huh?
(I chose not to respond to that.)
1:50 Co-worker: Where are u?
(At this point, I was ready to smash the phone into my brain. Obviously, I had on my invisibility cloak.)
1:51 Me: In the class. You’re in the wrong room. Try another. It says the name of our program on it. (Don’t forget to breath, suck in, exhale out. Move your feet when you try to walk. Don’t chew on your tongue, it might fall off.)
1:51 Co-worker: Ha Ha

At this point I saw an iron rod sticking out of a desk and I impaled it through my jaw and out my skull. It was a relief.
Not a good sign for how things are gonna go in my classroom this year…

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