Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In a true testament to my indulgent nature, I had a big piece of cheese pizza, followed by spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. With a huge diet Coke. The regular Coke was broken. Now I hate myself. Actually, not yet. I will tomorrow.
My logic? Well, I didn’t have time to work out.
That, and I spent four extra hours at work tonight painting my classroom. I’m halfway done. Therefore, I had to celebrate. See, food works as a filler for love and as a reward! So multi-functional.
I am really liking how my classroom is turning out. I’m disappointed in one thing. I forgot my promise to myself. I’ve told myself for a long time that the next time I design a room and pick out colors, I was going to have a chocolate brown wall. Somehow, I completely forgot until the paints were purchased and I had the first coat on the wall. Instead, I have two different shades of warm, more orangish, browns. So far, it looks pretty fantastic. I will have to wait for my chocolate brown wall. Which really, I guess is good, as I find it an extremely sexy color. I guess I should save it for my bedroom and not waste it on a classroom.
I also realized how bad many of the musical lyrics are that I listen to. You try having your headphones on, signing Lady GaGa and Christina Aguleria in an elementary school and not notice how much ‘penis’ is referenced in a wide variety of ways. No wonder I love that music. I’d be painting and dancing and signing along just as I realized the words that were about to come out of my mouth. I probably sounded like someone with Turrets. Or, the opposite of that—where you’re supposed to cuss but can’t…
Yep, you just read an entire blog about wall color. More enjoyable than what I’ve been making you read lately, huh?

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Geoffwah said...

"Or, the opposite of that—where you’re supposed to cuss but can’t…" Oh I used to have that. It's called being Mormon. :D