Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a house is not a home

I watched a video this morning of a church group in Toronto (which I read as Tornado every time I see it, fyi…) that has been meeting in front of a gay couple’s home for the past seven years. They preach and pray (and I think sing, but I could be making that part up, probably am), and talk about how they don’t want the gays there—how they have freedom of speech. The video showed the rest of the neighbors finally having enough and confronting them. I was a little nervous starting the video. It always kills me to see people respond to these church groups with such hate and crudeness of their own. To me, it makes it look like the perpetrators are in the right. However, these neighbors were really cool and responded with much more class and common sense than I would have been able to manage. The spoke calmly and clearly about how this church group who was shouting and preaching about love and morals kept disturbing their neighborhood (which was very cute, btw). Only at the end did they talk about how they didn’t believe the group even knew what love was or knew how to show it. I was impressed. I can’t imagine having a group of people meeting outside my house for seven years, preaching and praying and such. Hmmm. Maybe I’m not gay enough. I should try harder.

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