Monday, August 09, 2010

seeing the light

My last Monday of Summer. Monday, Monday. I set my alarm to wake up a little early, you know, still trying to gradually get up earlier, so I don’t get sick for the first few weeks of school like I always do. I set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Wonder of much of that was subconsciously intentional…
I ended things with one of the guys I’ve gone on dates with yesterday. The fact that I felt I had to end something was kinda the point of ending things. Unless it slaps me across the head, I don’t think I can move towards dating-dating someone. I felt kinda stupid doing it. He’s such a great guy. Nice, smart, motivated, kinda rich (compared to me), cute, funny, seems to wants a marriage and such. I should grab on and go for it. Yet, something in my gut was saying that I shouldn’t go down that road. You know, cause my gut has been so reliable: planning on marrying someone who left, shopping via credit for so many years, my Sonic diet plan…
On that note. I heard two stories this weekend of stupid men who left their boyfriends in past year or so returning to their ex and begging for them to let them come back.
This is why I never even win $2 at lotto.
On a happy note, I finally installed under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. I’ve only wanted to do it since I moved in six years ago, but was too afraid to. It has changed my world. I now live in a bright, glorious world of food. I had no idea how dirty my kitchen cabinets actually were. My kitchen Siamese Fighting Fish loves it too. I did it all for him, so he thinks.

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