Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We were watching the phenomenal firework display on the water (involving a floating magical Earth) at Epcot when my brother commented on how Disney sure makes our world look better than it is.

I think that may sum up why I am so infatuated with all things Disney and its ilk. I spend a majority of my time on things that are either ‘other-worldly’ or that paint our world in a better light than it really is.

Many would probably call this a weakness, and in truth, I would have to agree. However, I don’t want to spend my life in a world where so many people I love die of disease as I watch them decay in front of my eyes, a world where the one who said forever, left without a look over his shoulder, a world where children face things that my kids face. Who would pay for a Disney World that showed that picture of things?

You see the beautiful world filled with dazzling lights, colors, adorable children, and then turn from the display and see the sickeningly obese woman who is cascading over the motorized wheelchair she is in due to being too fat to walk, ashes from the fireworks waft in your eyes, burning away the dreams of lost love you had while drifting off during the Presidential exhibition earlier in the day.

Give me Ariel, Donald, and Poo any day.

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