Sunday, June 20, 2010

hem line raised

I broke down and bought a pair of shorts today. I don’t wear shorts. I hate shorts. I’m too white. Too short and stubby. It’s too white trash. However, after the rash I now have from wearing wet jeans yesterday. . . I’m wearing shorts.

It’s a strange feeling. Especially in front of my family. I feel exposed and kinda naked or indecent. I know that is issues up the wazzoo, but hey, that’s me. I can be naked in front of total strangers and not blink an eye—in fact, kinda like it, but shirtless or in shorts in front of family. . . I’d almost rather not be able to walk—which was nearly the case today. It must have been seeing Ariel and Donald Duck do a 3D movie together today that made me in such a great mood that I willingly bought and wore shorts. Shudder.

Fun note?

There was a lady videotaping the Ariel and Donald movie in secret on her little video camera. At first I was rather irritated, but then realized what she is going to see when she gets home and watches her pirated 3D movie! Love it, love it, love it!

oh. and, happy pride.

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