Monday, June 21, 2010

on this, the longest day of the year, the fist day of summer

One of the challenges that I didn’t expect (should have) about being an uncle and being at Disney World is wanting to buy everything I see to bring back to Gavin. From toys to clothes—such cute clothes. So far, I haven’t bought anything, luckily (I suppose) I only brought $60 with me and have no money on my debit card, so that makes it easy. However, coming here with him when he is older is going to be Heaven! Also, making sure he is amply armed with all things Disney before we get here will also be Heaven.

I’ve been relieved knowing that Denver’s Pride was over—that helped my mind somewhat today, but it was taken up with a meeting between my two friends that I hope will get back together. I knew there were going to see each other, and I can’t help but project my own issues onto them. I got the call late tonight, and stood on the railing over the water, tears streaming as he told me a few of the details of their talk. Right now it seems hopeful. Right now it seems like things MIGHT work out. I was/am so very happy. I want them to be back together. Need them to be. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t immensely jealous. And confused. While I want them to be together, at least there is a reason that I can comprehend to why they wouldn’t. Whatever. I hope and I pray that they can have a true relationship. One based on CHOOSING the other, not simply because its easy or fun.

And by the way, guess what I saw tonight at Downtown Disney. A huge table in the middle of a toy store with several My Little Ponies and countless accessories. Wow!


geoffreydean said...

It's good to hear that you're having fun at Disney World! I'm heading Disney-ward soon myself and totally, unabashedly geared to see all of the consumables there. I've got kindergarten students who are chomping at the bit for some of the mouse. It's nice that you've turned to family during a potentially difficult time.

Your nephew is very lucky :)

Brandon said...

Dear sweet Geoffreydean,
I can't believe you still check this blog from time to time. Thank you for that and for your kind words! I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney when you go (and that it's not at hot!). :)