Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remembrance of a Wedding and Symbol of a Funeral

Today was my folk’s 40th wedding anniversary. I felt like I needed to do something big. It’s forty years for crying out loud, and we have all been through so much. Instead, we watched the Bachelorette, ate at a Mexican place in Boulder, played with Gavin at the park, and ate homemade ice cream. Fitting for us. I hope there will be a way to do something huge for their fiftieth.

In following through with the theme of one of my ‘revelations’ while I was at Disney World. I packed up a pig and a penguin tonight. We had gotten them out of a quarter machine at Taco Bell on our first vacation together to Estes Park. We kept them on our dresser beside our bed (on a pewter castle). One was him, one was me. I’d told myself I’d never taken them down or put them away, even if I got with someone else someday. They are now tucked safe into the Deathly Hallows collector box that Dunkyn and Dolan bought us for our last Christmas together.

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