Friday, June 18, 2010

a long journey to see a duck

I’ve decided I don’t care about personal freedom any longer. You sit on a plane in-between your brother whose shoulders are equally as wide as yours are and a huge fat man whose side-fat and arm-flab drape over the side of his the armrest and on to you (not onto your side, but onto YOU)!

Before today, I thought the whole idea of charging a larger person for two seats on an airplane seemed degrading and a cheap way for the airlines to make extra money. Not any longer. He should have paid for half my seat, since he used it.

In an effort to make more room, this fat man, who was wearing a sleeveless shirt (why????) decided it would be helpful to raise his arm above his head, exposing his flabby, sweaty, hairy pit (which was also on my side) to my face.

Then ensued the snoring that puts walruses to shame since his lungs didn’t have room to draw in breath.

Fun three and a half hours.

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