Friday, July 30, 2010

baby gaga

My first night playing dad—or just being uncle, I guess—was a success. In non-baby fashion, we went to bed at 12:30. He woke up scared at 1:15. I got him back asleep within five minutes and then we didn’t wake up again until after nine! Wow! We will see how tonight goes. I’m too afraid to leave him on his own, as nothing wakes me up in my bedroom, so I’ve moved fulltime to the couch for a couple days—making Dunkyn very happy.
Gavin really is a perfect baby. Really. Almost always happy and laughing. Not hard to work with at all, but still, it’s been an experience. He just went down for a nap, which doesn’t last long, so I get my writing fix. I have no idea if I’d be able to write and have my own kids. Doubt it.
He doesn’t really appreciate my books on tape, so we play music in the car. I’ve never seen a kid who loves music so much in my life. As I don’t have too many kid cds, I bought a couple on iTunes today. He really likes to hear kids voices. It’s so funny how he knows. Anyway, I found this recording called Kidz Bop or something. It’s all the hits, but sung by kids. Telephone. Single Ladies. What Do You Want From Me. California Gurls. Totally cracks me up. I swear I didn’t know what half the songs actually said until today with the kids singing. The crazy thing? They sound almost as good as the people that sing them—complete with effects and everything. I figure it’s pretty perfect. Gavin gets his kid music and I get my gay music all at the same time. Although, it will be much for fun when we can listen to Harry Potter together.
I will tell you this—this boy is the best medicine. I don’t have any doubt in my faith when he is in my arms.

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