Tuesday, July 06, 2010

If I had waited till tomorrow, I could have made this funny!

What a day it has been! Got up late, went to work out. Got the gym and realized I’d left my wallet at home. Drove back home, knowing I now would only have time for cardio. Spent an hour looking for my wallet. Finally found it in the back pocket of a pair of shorts I tried to make myself wear before I had left. I couldn’t even make it out the door. I hate shorts. Now that they are wallet stealers, I really hate shorts!

Finally found my wallet. Go back to the car. Can’t get the car out of park. Spend fifteen minutes trying to jam it out of park. Finally do. I start to drive, but then think better of it. I pull the car over to test it. Sure enough, stuck in park. I go back home and test it three more times. My right arm has ached for the past two hours due to how much strain you have to put on it to get it into drive. Made an appointment for the car this afternoon, which meant I had to cancel a massage appointment (love having to pay to repair my car while turning down money to pay for my car…). To top it off, who’s name do you think was the guy who answered the phone? Yep. You got it. At that point I looked up and groaned, ‘Really?” Anybody have a tire iron or an extra bottle of pills they can spare?

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