Sunday, July 11, 2010

dating the lottery

I’m going on a date in exactly two hours and twenty-six minutes. Which reminds me, I need to do a quick facial mask. I do them maybe three times a year. However, this boy is about a thousand times prettier than I am (nope, not trying to be humble or self-deprecating, I just have eyes) so I need every advantage I can get. I’m nervous, but not insanely so. Preposterous, you say? Well, you’re probably right. By the time eight rolls around, I will most likely be insane. Again.
Obviously, I’ve been on dates since, wow—it’s really hard not to type his name without meaning to. Since. But this one is different in the fact that this will be the first date since I’ve decided to do my best to push on with living. To hope that maybe just because I lost my ‘husband’ doesn’t mean I have to live and die alone. My first date since joining the dating sites. Let’s talk about how many offers I’ve gotten from those. Must need more facials.
The boy is from New York, so I suppose that lessens the pressure of ‘what if he doesn’t likes me?’ or, even worse, ‘What if he does?’ I am going on this date with the intention of replacing what I lost. The intention of finding a husband.

What’s scary, is that you probably just believed that. Sounds like me a bit, probably, I know. No, my intentions are to simply have fun and hopefully some romance. The little time I spent with this guy makes me think I could really like him. Not just his looks, but him. However, the New York thing takes that out of the equation doesn’t it. Either way, it’s a real date. Just one boy asking another boy out. Tale as old as time. Actually, we kinda asked each other out, but I was the one with the specific day in mind, so I’m taking credit.
So, time to push everything else out of my mind. Focus on remembering what it is like to try to be personable, charming, happy. Focus on the chance to get to know someone romantically who seems like a very interesting man. In short, time to live. At least to try, right?

Flipping modes. I have a request. I know, I know. With all the constant asking for favors, I’m soon gonna have to ask Jerry Lewis do a telethon for me. (Side note: I just found out there are two Jerry Lewises! I thought the comedian guy who does the marathons was the same guy who did Great Balls of Fire and married his underage cousin. I’ve always wondered why they’d let an incestuous pedophile do marathons for children. Come to find out, they don’t!) Anyway, I told you about the new site I joined (Authonomy) based on Artastic Advenjer’s recommendation. I thought it was only for feedback and such from like-minded writers. Low and behold, there is a chance, a slight chance at that, to have the publishes of Harper Collins read your work, and either simply give you advice or a book deal! They promise to read at least 10,000 pages before they make up their mind. Unlike the book I submitted last Fall, which is very slow, if this book doesn’t catch you in the first ten, it never will. Each month they take the top five books of the site and review them and make their decision. Now the chances of me being Top Five ever on such a huge sight is remote. Right now, I’m at 1,997th. But, I have come up over 5,000 spots since I joined (Probably the same number as the books that have been submitted after me). So, here is the request. This is only, ONLY, if you have actually read some, or all, of the book on the other site and like it. Don’t do this because we are friends or because you like me—only if you actually like what you read. If you do, I would love it if you would create an account on Authonmy ( and put Submerging Inferno ( on your bookshelf and leave it there. That will not make sense unless you sign up—then it will. If I can get on 140 people’s bookshelves, that should just about cover it! I’m so glad my blog’s extent is that broad. Bwhahahahaha! Well, I play the lotto. I won a dollar a couple weeks ago for the very first time. Might as well play this one too! As ever, no pressure, only if you feel the Spirit’s leading.
Now, off to do a mask.
Shut up about me being so gay. So, I do a mask on occasion. Pretty sure I if weren’t gay, I wouldn’t have a date with a hot man tonight. Do you have a date with a hot man? No, probably not since a wide assortment of you are straight, strangely. And those of you that aren’t. You’re hot enough. Two hot people together just isn’t fair to the rest of us. You know who I’m talking about! For shame!

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