Sunday, January 09, 2011

Come here, Agent, Agent, Agent

I’ve sent queries to three more agents yesterday and today. Three in all, not three each day. Even though I now have generic queries and synopsis, etc, it still takes me forever to adjust those to suit whichever agent I am addressing at the time. While I am actually very confident in my fantasy book, it is such an intimidating process, one where I know they can toss me away within a few lines, because they don’t want to deal with gay fiction, or because they had chewy chicken in their cobb salad at lunch and are in a grumpy mood. I second-guess everything each time. I must say, the amount of pursuing I am doing is somehow increasing my confidence. Actually, that’s probably not that true, but it is increasing my devil-may-care outlook. The worst they can say is no or not respond at all. Of course, that actually is the worst, what I want the least. However, the more no’s I get, the more likely someone will have just gotten back from having the best quickie over their lunch break, be in such a great mood, that they say yes. So, if any of you are in the mood for a quickie and are up to rocking a bunch of middle-aged women’s worlds, I’ve got a to-do list for you.
The rest of my snowy day (pretty gorgeous actually, but ugh…) will be spent doing housework with the puppies, then spending a few hours with some newer but dear friends this evening. The pups really don’t help as much as they should, considering the amount of their poop I pick up. Truly. They each shit twice their own body weight on our walk yesterday. The least they could do would be to hang up clothes or shovel the sidewalk.
Talking about dogs always makes me think of Dean Koontz. Which made me think of the new Audio Book I’m ‘reading’ right now. What the Night Knows. It’s Dean at his best. I keep looking over my shoulder while I’m driving to make sure there’s nothing in the backseat and that I really am alone. Such a fun, disturbing book. One of those books that makes me excited to tell stories of my own. Consider this your book recommendation for the week!

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