Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I notice that today is 01.11.11. Fun date, and it made me realize a better date is soon coming, one that I won’t be alive for in another thousand years. At least the outlook isn’t positive so far…
I’m getting married! It’s true. I’ve decided. On November 11, 2011. I’ve always loved the numbers six and eleven. Nobody wants their wedding date to be 6.06.06. Well, maybe someone does, but I doubt it would be a good idea to marry them. Therefore, 11.11.11 will do nicely. I’m not sure who the groom (well, the other groom) will be. Maybe whoever I’m going on dates with at the time, maybe someone I meet on-line, maybe someone who happens to be next to me at Sonic, or maybe someone who isn’t even aware what we are doing. Maybe I’ll pull a Sue Sylvester and marry myself, might as well—had enough practice.
So, please send all engagement gifts no later than May. Pre-wedding gifts by September. There will of course be a wedding cake—best part of any wedding, followed by a reception where the actual wedding gifts will be expected. I’ve also decided to have a pre-honeymoon in the Spring in Seattle and one more in the Fall in DC. By myself, of course—hard to take your husband if you’re not deciding till the day of the wedding. If you feel a leading to provide pre-honeymoon gifts, please make sure they are airplane portable and have a safety release, just incase I loose the key.
If, perchance, you’d like to apply for the position to be filled on 11.11.11, please submit an application with a photo and blood work no later than then 10 AM on 11.11.11. Don’t worry, if you decide to break your vows, I won’t hold it against you, I know it comes with the territory. Been there, done that. Oh, Dunkyn and Dolan will expect some sort of dowry for my hand in marriage, and they have expensive tastes.

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