Sunday, January 30, 2011


Got another rejection letter today. My work doesn’t fit the vision of their publishing company, but they are so grateful that I took the time to submit to them. Uh, huh. Sure they are.
That’s the bad thing about submitting to so many more agents and publishers. Just that many more rejections. I realize that I need to make a list of everyone I’m submitting to so that I don’t start doubling my bases. Getting rejected multiple times from boys is one thing. People I don’t even know is another story.
I got to do a little rejecting of my own last night. On one of my gay sites, I received a message from a nineteen or twenty year old from out of state. He had no picture of himself. His profile said he loves Snooki. His message had nothing more than his phone number. Not even hello. Seriously? What about me looked desperate enough to take that offer?
‘Course, that was answered by three hours of the best phone sex I’ve ever had.

Just kidding.

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Avenjer said...

LOL! Sure no phone sex, mmm hmmm ;) Well, don't let the publisher stuff get you down. In art, I can spend way too much time trying to get a piece just right. And then once I think it is, someone can still say it isn't yet. The fact is we can't please everybody, and at some point we just have to put the project to rest (as is) some will like it---some won't, and move on to new projects. Sometimes I think the timing can be a problem, as trends and ideas move quickly now in entertainment (which art and books can be) and so we have to keep up. And keep things moving. Keep things fresh. But as for rejection, I remember an actor saying he went on 80 auditions, getting 80 rejections, before finally getting his first acting job. So don't get discouraged. At least you know in the nineteen year old department you've still got it ;)