Thursday, January 27, 2011

just putting it out there

Well, both of the books are now up and ready for purchase on Amazon. Their descriptions aren’t up yet, but they will be soon.
As I was sending out about three hundred messages to friends and such asking for their support, The Shattered Door arrived on my porch (it’s even bigger than Submerging), and, simultaneously, I received an email from one of my agent submissions. She doesn’t feel that I am right for what she is looking for. It’s the first ‘official’ rejection for Submerging. Never fun, put I’d prepared myself for endless rejections this time, as I didn’t when I submitted Shattered so long ago. I felt the blow, then turned back to what I was doing, fighting in my own way to do all I can to help this happen.
Tonight, after more massages, I will design a business card to advertize the books that I can leave places, such as my coffee shop and such.
I can look at this two ways. I’ve contacted a little over three hundred of my friends/family asking for their support in this endeavor, and for them to take an active role. I know that’s a lot to ask. However, I would do it for any of them in a heartbeat (and have). I could look at it like, wow, it’s been 12 hours and three books have already been purchased! Or. Three hundred people, and only two of them acted as of yet. I’m gonna choose the first, because it made my night to see that! I’m very thankful. And, I don’t want people to support the books if they don’t like them. Really. I don’t want this dream to come true because people like more or because I have wonderful friends. I want it to be a reality because the books have merit, value, and are worth the time and review and money the money to purchase.
So, in case you are on of the very few people who read this blog who aren’t friends with me on Facebook or some other site, here’s my request for you! (Aren’t you lucky!)

Here is where you can help.
I have both books for sale on CreateSpace (an Amazon company). The
links are as follows:

Submerging Inferno:

The Shattered Door:

For, just type in my name (Brandon Witt), or one of
the names of the books, it will come up. The descriptions aren’t on
Amazon yet, but they will be by the 2nd of February. However, at the
end of this, I will include a description, in case you are
interested in one kind more than the other.
Of course, I would love for you to purchase the novels (and if you
choose to, it would benefit me a bit more to purchase them through the
above links as compared to Amazon; however, whatever you want to do is
fine). I hope to have them at Tattered Cover Bookstores in Denver in
the next few weeks as well.
Even more than buying the books, my favor goes deeper. What I need
most from you is to write a review on (It’s really easy
to do, I do it on books all the time—yeah, I’m a nerd—just go to the
book and there will be a place to write a review.) It’s like winning
the lotto, but if a book gets enough attention and positive feedback,
at times, the publishing company comes to you! Of course, I only want
you to write a review if you’ve read the book/s AND liked them. If
you didn’t, don’t feel the need to write one. And, if you don’t have
the money to buy the books (I completely understand), but would still
like to possibly write a review/rate the book, you can read both books
for free at my blog:

Thanks for continuing to read the blog and thanks in advance for any role you’d like to take in my books journey to being published.

Book Descriptions:

The Shattered Door (Contemporary Fiction)--- Nearly a decade after
finally putting the pieces of his life together, shutting out the
demons of his past, Brooke Morrison has settled into an existence he
never dreamed possible. He found a fulfilling career, someone to share
his life, and a budding confidence. He's actually happy. Content,
even. In a solitary moment, everything crumbles in his hands. He seeks
sanctuary in the one place least likely to find it. The place where he
was never enough. The place that still causes him to wake up
screaming. The place he learned he was damned. Home.

Submerging Inferno (Fantasy)--- Disowned by his family, Brett Wright
thought life had hit rock bottom. There was no place to go but up. He
began building a life of his own-a house, friends, even a new career.
Although not the life he planned, everything was going to turn out
fine. However, after nearly drowning someone, life is once again
turned upside down and he is thrust into a world he never dreamed
existed-a world that not only threatens to devour everyone he loves,
but one that brings him face to face with his own hidden heritage.
Being stalked by two different creatures leads him to discover his
true ancestry. The more he ascertains about his bloodline, the clearer
it becomes that not only is this new world real, but that he may be
the key to its destruction.

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