Sunday, January 16, 2011

mouths of babes

Ahhh, Sunday and still have one more whole day off! Perfection!
I only have a little time to write today, but hope to get a lot more done tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll send to any publishers/agents this weekend, but probably will start again next weekend. It’s nice to feel like I am actually taking more of an active role in accomplishing my dream/goal. You’d think writing a couple books would be an active enough role, but obviously not.

I’ve written about Dean Koontz a couple times lately. Each time, someone (anonymous) leaves a comment about how his books are all been there/done that, and that instead we should be reading some banned political book—one that I’ve actually heard about. I don’t publish these comments, because of the link. I’m not going to trust a link from someone who won’t publish their name. I can’t tell if it is an actual person or some automated response. Therefore, if you want to publish your comment about this book feel free. However, please do it without a link (don’t want to be the cause of someone’s computer exploding), just say where they can find it—as I don’t want to overtly censor comments on here, but still want to protect the ‘integrity.’

I had dinner with PCSV&LDR-L Friday (these are the friends I’ve spoken of before who I feel are some of the best parents I’ve ever seen). They told me a rather adorable, heart-warming story. I think it’s heart-warming. Some of you will think it is far from heart-warming, buy that’s your problem.
Their friends (one of whom is a pastor) are getting married pretty soon. Their wedding is in another state. They are both women. That, dear reader, would make them lesbians. You know, flannel wedding dress, tool box instead of a bouquet, or something like that.
They were discussing attending the wedding at their dinner table the other night and SV began asking about their friends’ wedding, if she could be the flower girl and such. Soon, she asked who their friend was marrying. They told her the name. She said, ‘She’s marrying a girl?’ They replied that she was. SV laughed and laughed. ‘Why would you marry a girl?’
P (the husband) considered going into homosexuality and heterosexuality, and quickly dismissed such a detailed, deep conversation for their kindergarten daughter. ‘Well, they love each other and want to always be together.’
SV thought about this for a moment, and seemed ok with that reasoning. Soon, she looked up again, ‘Will they have kids?’
P, ‘Probably not?’
SV, ‘Why not?’
P and C (the wife) look at each other. C covers her mouth, unsure what to say, unbelieving that the conversation with her little girl took an unexpected turn to sex. P, bugged eyes toward his wife, muttered, ‘Oh, Lord.’
He turned to SV, ‘Well, they don’t have the right equipment needed to make a baby.’
C, to SV, ‘Here, hun. Eat your quesadilla.’

Of course, I died at that part. Love it! ‘Eat your Quesadilla!’ Perfect! Equipment is pretty perfect as well.

I loved their thoughtfulness as they spoke to their daughter. They didn’t want to label, they didn’t want to divulge too much information at such a young age, but also want their daughter to simply know and love people. They constantly talk to their daughters about God and His love for them and what it means to be a good woman and a Christian. (They both work in ministry—and not uber-left wing ministry.)
Things won’t always be like they are now for young boys and girls who like other boys and girls. For that I am unbelievably grateful!

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