Monday, January 10, 2011

what lies under the glisten

I’ve decided that it must just be my car/tires, not the weather that is trying to kill me. I was fish-tailing all over the road, getting stuck at intersections, barely making it up two inch hills. Everyone else was zooming around me, and not just 4-wheel drives, but little old grandma cars. And when you’re sliding all over the place, it really doesn’t help having cars fly around you. Really thought I was gonna die. Maybe it just need new tires, too bad those cost money. Whoever those people are that voted for a cut in snow removal crews this past election where morons. Or maybe they just have good tires.
Last night was rather unfun. I got stood up, not that unusual, but still not fun. Saw that the guy who claimed to have a crush on me forever then said he just wasn’t ready for a relationship has decided that he must be ready (five seconds later) according to his facebook status (no, I wasn’t checking, it just popped up). Learned some information about something someone I respect deeply does when his boyfriend isn’t around. You’re never safe. Never. It wasn’t one of those cry myself to sleep nights or anything, nothing like that, just one more, ‘wow, life can be really shitty’ kind of evenings.
However, today, I have my kids and that makes nearly everything better. To top it off, today is even when we get to read our novel—which is my favorite part of the week! If I can’t ever get published, I really should find a job where I can just read books to kids all day.

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