Friday, January 21, 2011

the fighter (only with less muscle and sex appeal than Marky Mark)

After successfully uploading The Shattered Door, building a cover, ordering a proof, I took my computer back to the office on my way to bed. Halfway through the kitchen, my little toe on my right foot got angry at the bar stool—not sure why, heretofore, they’ve always gotten along very nicely. It seems this development was unwelcome news to the barstool who let its temper flare and pulled my toenail back, from tip to cuticle, and then released, letting the nail flap back into place, blood pouring out from between the nail bed and the newly remodeled nail. I don’t think I have ever screamed or cursed quite as loud. I’m sure I had to have woken up the neighbors.
I tell this story to simply make you cringe and to share my pain. Right now, my toe looks even more like a baby alien than it normally does.
I SHOULD have both books up and available for purchase by the end of next week (if the proofs come out alright), so be expecting obnoxious mass emails soon.

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